A Teenager from Noida Allegedly Commits Suicide Due to Depression of Not Receiving Likes On TikTok


Commits Suicide Not Receiving Likes On TikTok

A teenager from Noida has allegedly committed suicide by hanging in his own home. The apparent reason for suicide is the teen suffering from depression over not receiving enough likes on his video over Tik Tok as per police official on Friday.

The 18 years old teen was a resident of Salarpur which falls under the limits of Sector 39 Police Station in Noida. As for the incident, it was reported to Police on the evening of Thursday.

As per police, the teenager was quite active on the Tik Tok, which is the Chian0-made smartphone app for allowing users to post their short clip videos in which they perform stunts, acts as well as lip-syncing tunes and songs.

Ranvijay Singh, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police in Noida said,

“After receiving the report, police arrived at the scene of incident immediately. They broke the door which was bolted firmly from the inside. Upon reaching inside the room they saw the body hanging from the fan on the ceiling on the evening of Thursday.”

The officer further said,

“During our inquiry, we concluded that the victim was an active Tik Tok user as he would make videos. However, no one was ‘liking’ his videos for the past few days. This is a really shocking finding. All the people of his family, as well as the neighborhood, did say that he was extremely worried about not receiving enough like on his Tik Tok account. This is why he committed suicide.”

The ADCP Noida said that no suicide note was recovered from the scene but the teenager did tell his friends and family and that he was feeling depressed over not getting likes from Tik Tok.

Singh said, “Still, we are investigating these matters with proceedings carried out based on case’s findings.”


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