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Apple and Google are making major efforts for helping people keep track if they might have come in contact with any case of coronavirus


Google and Apple have both presented their ambitious efforts earlier on Friday for helping in the combat against the coronavirus pandemic. These companies introduced some new tools that will allow the smartphone owners to know in case they have come in contact with anyone who might have gotten infected with the virus.

These changes that these two technology giants have announced are to target the Android and the iPhone devices for injecting them with the new technological support in the contact tracing.

As per the public healthcare officials, this strategy is essential for allowing the vast number of people to work as well as continue their normal life along with containment of the spread of coronavirus.

Google and Apple plan to harness the existing technology of Bluetooth, which is used for connecting the devices to other wireless devices like keyboards and speakers. With Bluetooth technology, the health officials will soon be able to deploy the apps which will have the ability to sense all of the other phones nearby.

If one person learns that they are infected with coronavirus, then the others in that person’s vicinity will get a notification without regarding the fact that their devices run on the Android or iOS software.

Google and Apple announced that they are expecting to make these new tools available for the developers to assemble the contract tracing apps by the mid of May along with further enhancements in the operating systems to follow soon after.

Both companies also stated that this technology will not be able to track the specific location of the user as well as not reveal the identity of the infected individual not the governments across the globe or these two tech giants themselves.



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