Apple Has A Goal of Selling Their Macs With Its Own Chips in 2021


Apple Selling Their Macs With Its Own processor

Apple Inc. has plans of starting to sell its Mac computers with the main processors that will be its own by 2021. Apple will be relying on the designs of the chips that helped the iPhone and iPad become popular across the world.

The technology giant based in Cupertino, California-based is currently working on 3 Mac processors which are known as systems-on-a-chip. These processors are based on the A14 Processors that will also be in iPhone. The first of these 3 processors is going to be faster than the processors of iPad and iPhone.

Apple plans to release one of its Mac with its own chip by the start of next year. However, this initiative from Apple, to create their own multiple chips, which is given codename Kalamata means that Apple will be changing the Mac lineup from Intel Corp; their current chip supplier.

These new Mac chips are going to be build be Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. which is the partner of Apple for their iPad and iPhone processors. The components for these new chips are based on the 5-nanometer production technique which is of the same size that Apple will be using in their next iPad Pros and iPhones.

These plans for designing more of Apple’s own chips is for getting greater control for the performance of the company’s devices as well as make it differentiable from its rivals. With the Macs, iPads, and iPhones all working on similar underlying technology, it will make it easy for Apple for unifying the app ecosystem as well as to update computers quite often. This move alone will allow for Apple to have reduced reliance on Intel.

The very first of the Mac Processors will have the 8 high-performance cores which have been given codename “Firestorm with 4 energy-efficient cores codenamed “Icestorm”. As for some more of Apple’s Mac designs, the company plans to double or even quadruple these numbers of cores which are provided by Intel. The current MacBook Air comes with 2 cores at an entry-level.

Kalamata happens to be Apple’s most ambitious venture in the computer chips. This initiative currently provides chips for the features of Mac like the power management and security. These chips work alongside currently with the main processors of Intel.


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