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Apple unveils its new yet cheaper iPhone without any event debut amidst coronavirus lockdown


Apple, the technology giant, announces to world a new yet cheaper model of iPhone. This makes it the first time that company is launching the new phone without unveiling it at on their in-person events due to the coronavirus lockdown in USA and most of the world.

This new 2nd generation iPhone SE holds the same names as the previous original model iPhone SE which was up for sale back in 2016.

This model is up for a price of 399 dollars with preorders beginning on Friday of this week and arriving by 24th April.

This phone launching comes at a tough time for company as they face the harsh environment where millions of people lost their working statuses because of the ongoing health crisis.

This health crisis is majorly resulting in production delays which particularly hit Apple manufacturing facilities located in China. Although there is a weak demand in China for the iPhone supplies due to coronavirus, Apple appears to be confident that they will still be able to come out on demand for their newer iPhone SE.

iPhone SE is a compelling model for not only Apple but for their millions of consumers. The phones hold many identical components like in the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. But this new model comes in body of the iPhone 8 along with improvements in other areas such as the processor and screen.

This gives Apple manufacture affordable devices that are appealing to its customers who are unwilling to spend lots of cash on other iPhones. This same strategy was used by Apple for the 2016’s iPhone SE which had the identical design to iPhone 5.

As for the new iPhone SE, it looks more like the iPhone 8 and on top of it is also better than iPhone 8. iPhone 8 was up for sale on Wednesday for 449 dollars and will now be discontinued.



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