Capt Tom Moore, World War II veteran’s NHS fundraiser finishes raising £13m


Captain Tom Moore, the World War II veteran of age 99 years, walked 100 laps of his garden for raising 13 million+ pounds for NHS Charities.

The initial goal of Captain Tom Moore was to raise only 1000 pounds for these charities with goal of walking laps around his gardens prior to his 100th birthday.

Instead, he broke his target as 650000+ people started contributing to the Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising page.

After fishing the challenge, he said, “I am feeling fine and I hope you are all feeling fine too.”

Captain Tom also said to media that the money raised due to his fundraiser was an absolutely fantastic sum of money.

He says at the end of the final lap,

“I never dreamt that I would be a part of such an occasion in my life as this.”

The JustGiving page of Captain Tom before 14:00 BST crashed temporarily after he was about to finish his challenge and it was showing 13 million Pounds in donations.

Hannah Ingram Moore, Captain Tom’s daughter said,

“We are all floored by what he achieved but we are also very happy, so humble and so very proud. He is like a beacon of hope in these dark times. I think that we are all in need of something such as this to keep our belief in and he did so for such an important cause.”

Georgia, his granddaughter said that she is also very proud of her grandfather.

The fundraising page was set up by Captain Tom for NHS staff that was helpful in his treatment of not only cancer but also his broken hip.  He completed those 100 laps of the 25 meter looping garden located in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, in 10 laps each day before his 100th birthday on April 30th.

There are even calls for him to receive the knighthood and there is even a petition. This petition has so far 2000 signatures from people across UK.


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