Chris Brown & Young Thug’s Mixtape ‘Slime & B’


Chris Brown & Young Thug’s

Chris Brown, the rapper released his Mixtape with the rapper Young thug earlier in April. The Mixtape first had a skeptical impression from the fans after its release. This led to Breezy having control over the rollout after revealing that the ‘Slime & B’ would be dropping on the “5th Day of the 5th Month” and it would be the birthday present to the Breezy as he turns 31 on 5th May.

Chris Brown & Young Thug’s Mixtape ‘Slime & B’

The ‘Slime & B’ Mixtape project comprises of the 3 song tracks which also includes the various prominent guest member cast like Future, Gunna, E-40, Lil Duke, Too $hort, and HoodyBaby. Prior to this, Young Thug and Chris Brown have only worked on a single project. That project was the track titled ‘High End” back in 2017 for the Chris Brown album titled “Heartbreak On A Full Moon”.

The tracks on the Mixtape like “Trap back”, Help Me Breathe, Go Crazy and Undrunk are getting lots of listening on social media. One of the fans of the new ‘Slime & B’ Mixtape wrote “‘Slime & B’ was better than what I had been expecting and this makes me very happy. In my opinion, Thug helped to bring the best out of Chris Brown in this one. As for the surprise feature from the Future, it was like the cherry on top.”

Future, the renowned rapper made the appearance as a guest cast on the album’s last track titled “help Me Breathe”. This made up for a happy reunion of the rapper with whom the Future had collaborated 3 years ago on the track titled “High End.”

Chris Brown & Young Thug's Mixtape ‘Slime & B’

Chris Brown’s net worth:$50 million

Young Thug’s net worth is $11 million


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