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Email addresses Passwords and for hundreds of thousands of the Zoom accounts available multiple dark web marketplaces


The users of Zoom who tend to reuse the identical passwords from their other accounts can potentially be at huge risk. This huge risk is having the login information getting on sale on Dark Web.

The personal account info like the email addresses, the passwords as well as the web addresses for the Zoom meetings are being sold either freely or for as little as pennies. One of the datasets for such things on a marketplace of Dark Web was for sale consisting of nearly 53000 accounts.

As for Zoom, the company has revealed no intention of revealing about the possible ways the information getting leaked. Still, one thing is know and it is that these lists of email addresses are a part of the previous breaches of Zoom data. These datasets are often repacked and sold on the Dark Web’s forums for hackers.

One spokesperson of Zoom said in one of their email,

“Zoom takes the security of its users seriously. We are continuing with our investigations and are also locking the accounts we suspect to have been compromised as well as asking our other users to keep changing their passwords for something a little bit more secure. We are also looking into to implement some more technology solutions for bolstering our efforts.”

By making use of these posted datasets on Dark Web, the culprit can get access to the personal meeting room of a person. The hacker can then also be able to invite the others to join the meeting room where they will be as guests.

This back door option allows for the hackers to exploit the contacts of the user such as sending a malware via the Zoom invites or for coming up with scenarios for extorting them.



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