Han So Hee ‘Felt Sorry’ For Her Character In ‘A World Of Married Couple’


Han So Hee

Han So Hee, in her recent interview with a Korean Magazine named Dazed Magazine, talked about her character of “Da Kyung” in the popular Korean drama series titled “A World of Married Couple” or also known as “the World of the Married”.

She says,

“When I first read the script, I felt really sorry for my character Da Kyung. I thought, ‘Why does she need to behave in this manner and to this point? She not only threw her family aside but also changed the view of people around about her and all this with pride when she is only a young person who is in her 20s.’”

In the twisted and dark Korean Drama, Da Kyung starts an affair with another married man named Lee Tae Oh played by actor Park Hae Joon. Wife of Tae Oh named “Ji Sun Woo played by Kim Hee Ae, finds about this affair of her husband which leads to disastrous turns of events.


So Hee adds to her statement, “Since, in order for me to portray the character of Da Kyung, I have come to understand her on another level. I had to go through a lot to know as to I should try to understand her. In my opinion, Da Kyung is a character who is in love with Tae Oh with both her heart and body. So, I made a decision to focus on this point.”


So Hee continues, “For a person like Da Kyung, the world Love comes first then the word Married Man. However, for the audience, the word Married Man comes before the word Love. I think this is the key difference in how I and viewers see Da Kyung.”

So Hee also made a notion about taking on more roles in future. She laughingly said, “I hope that next time my character will be loved by viewers.”


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