Khalil Mack donates about $350K to the relief fund for COVID-19


Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack, the NFL player, is also giving a helping hand for filling up the gap for the local NGOs. These NGOs are mainly investing in those initiatives that will help to better the lives of low-income kids.

As per news sources, the pro bowl linebacker for Chicago Bears donated about 350000 dollars to Emergency Relief Fund, an organization that is working to provide the critical support to the communities that became vulnerable due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Mack says, “I am truly blessed for having the ability to assist the community and also excited for having others who are stepping up and have partnered with me for this. ‘A Better Chicago’ is working on the ground to satisfy the immediate needs of numerous in need people. Let us not stop just here as the effects of this pandemic are still in their early stages.”

Swanson said,

“We are very grateful towards Khalil Mack and the Bernfield family for their generous contribution. We are also very grateful to the Goldman Sachs to help bring this opportunity forward. This continues to get us encouraged and inspired mainly due to our donors who are recognizing how critical this is for us to come together for giving support to the most vulnerable families and youth. I personally am proud of the fact that our unique model ensures that 100 percent of the money donated goes for the relief efforts as well as empowering of the local nonprofits that are working to serve the low-income communities that were hit most by this ongoing crisis.”


khalil mack height = 1.91 m

khalil mack net worth : $40 Million

khalil mack Born: February 22, 1991

khalil mack Age: 28


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