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Legend of Motor racing “Sir Stirling Moss” passed away at age 90 after suffering from a long illness


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Sir Stirling Moss, the legend in the British motor racing history has died on Sunday after battling his long-standing illness at age of 90 years.

He was regarded highly as one of the greatest drivers of Formula 1 that the world has ever seen despite the fact that he never won a single World Championship.

Moss vanished from the public eyes back in January of 2018 due to his long-standing health problems. His wife named Lady Moss said,

“It was one too many laps for him and he has now closed his eyes.,”

Previously, before his death, Moss spent about 134 days in a hospital after he was experiencing chest infection while spending a holiday in December of 2016 in Singapore.

Mercedes, the former team of Moss said that motorsport has lost not only one of his true icon and a legend but also a real gentleman. As for the F1 Champion of 1996 named Damon Hill said about Moss that he was the one who launched the careers for all of the British drivers who have gone on and become world champions.

Jackie Stewart, the 3 times world F1 champions who entered the motor racing sport after Moss’s retirement in 1961 said on BBC Radio 5 Live, “He walked just like a racing driver should, he talked like a real racing driver, he looked like a real racing driver and he has set the standard that in my opinion is unmatched since his retirement.”

Out of Moss’s 66 F1 races, he won 16 of them from 1951 to 1961. He also became the 1st driver from Britain to have won the home Grand Prix back in 1955 held at Aintree. He was forced to retire in 1962 following his crash at Goodwood which left in a state of comatose for about 1 month and also partially paralyzed for at least 6 months.

Moss is now survived by his 3rd wife named Susie and their son named Elliot as well as a daughter for his first marriage named Allison.



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