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Mother threw her 5 children in River Ganga due to having no food amidst Coronavirus lockdown


In one of the heart-wrenching incidents that occurred on Sunday, a woman had thrown 5 of her children into the River Ganga. The woman lived in Jeghangirabad located in the Bhadohi District of Uttar Pradesh. After the police received the news of the incident, the senior officials of police arrived at the scene and divers were then sent to immediately locate the missing children in the river.

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As for the woman herself, she has been arrested but the police authorities claim that this woman seems to be mentally unsound.

As for the local sources, the woman was earlier seen saying that she along with her children has not been getting the food due to the Coronavirus lockdown as well as the inflow of the money has halted and that she was the daily wage earner.

Meanwhile some other local sources said that the woman apparently had a fight with her husband after which she decided to commit suicide. She first threw her children in the river but as for her, she did not jump.

One police official said,

“Our main priority at the moment is to rescue these children as soon as we can. We will carry out the necessary investigation after that.”



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