Netflix Releases the Trailer For Their New Dating Show titled “Too Hot To Handle”


While Netflix’s new TV show titled “Too Hot To Handle” appears to be just another regular reality TV show with a bunch of beautiful ladies and handsome men who are left alone on an island for finding love, expect it is not.

Ok, well, it is like that a little bit but there is also a twist which is going to make “Too Hot To Handle” a little bit more interesting for viewers. While the main concept of the other such TV shows is to bonk with each other while on camera, the show “Too Hot To Handle” is exactly the opposite of this. Sex and even kissing are both strictly not allowed and if anyone of the contestants breaks the rules then as a result of punishment money is going to be debuted from the jackpot sum of 100000 dollars.

Stars of “Too Hot To Handle” include the Canadian travel influencer, who is known for dating the DJ Diplo, an ex semi-pro player of rugby and one of the finalists of America’s Next Top Model.

The show “Too Hot To Handle” is set to hit the screen on Netflix next Friday, April 17th.

The concept of the show is really simple with the contestants looking to be loved for not what they look like but who they truly are. Contestants will start by speaking to the selection of their potential partners but they won’t be able to see them as they hope to make a connection with one of them.

They will only be allowed for making an eye connection with each other after there is a proposal. This concept of “Too Hot To Handle” has left many of the viewers thinking the premise to be really crazy whereas the others say that this all a part of the show’s charm.


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