New government tests find ‘Sunlight destroys coronavirus swiftly; experts say pandemic is likely to last past summer


Sunlight destroys coronavirus swiftly

From experiments of a government lab’s experiments show the preliminary results of coronavirus not surviving long enough under high temperatures as well as humidity. The virus seems to get negative results like destruction under sunlight. These results are a collection through the controlled tests which scientists believe to be true but still not conclusive.

A briefing relating to these preliminary was marked for official use by Yahoo News gives hope to people that summer time will provide for less hospitable conditions for the coronavirus. This might lead to suppression of the news case of the COVID-19 disease which occurs due to coronavirus.

The study also found the risk of coronavirus transmission to be lower from the surfaces outdoors during the daytime and also lower under the humidity and higher temperature conditions. The briefing reads, “Sunlight destroys the virus swiftly and quickly.”

Despite this news being a good one for the outdoor activities, the briefing on these results from the Department of Homeland Security still exercises caution on enclosed spaces that have low humidity. A perfect example of this is the Airplane Cabins which might need special care for minimizing the risks for the virus’s transmission.

Still, the Department of Homeland Security is not agreeing to answer questions relating to these new findings and also is cautioning people against drawing any false conclusions on the basis of the unpublished data.

The DHS says in one of their statements,

The DHS is dedicated in the fight against the recent pandemic of COVID-19 and our top priority at the moment is safety and health of Americas. As per the policy, the department is not going to comment on the allegedly leaked documents. It will be irresponsible of people to speculate or to draw conclusions or even trying to influence the people upon a certain document which is still to be peer-reviewed or to undergo a firm scientific validation approach.”

The results from the tests were conducted at the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center, which is a lab created right after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. This lab was created for addressing biological threats.


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