PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) flight PK 8303 crashes near Model Town, Karachi; rescue Operations are underway


A passenger plane of the PIAA (Pakistan International Airlines), with about 99 passengers onboard was crashed after attempting an emergency landing in Model Colony located near the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on Friday.

As per reports of the Sind officials, so far about 37 passengers have been confirmed to have died. But as for the confirmation of the deceased to be either of the flight or the residents on the site of the crash is still to be confirmed. Offices confirmed that 3 people have survived this horrific crash.

Abdullah Hafeez, the spokesperson of PIAA said that the flight on the Airbus A320 was headed to Karachi from Lahore with 8 crew members and 91 passengers onboard. According to the eyewitnesses the A320 Airbus seemingly tired to attempt the landing 3 to 4 times before it crashed at a residential area located near the airport.

Many footages of the crash have surfaced with one showing huge clouds of smoke spewing from the area of the crash which is a congested area. Rescue services with ambulances arrived shortly after the crash to help the residents of the area. Eyewitnesses also told media that before the plane crashed, it was already in flames.

Videos of the incident site show that bodies were buried in the rubble as the residents of the area were scattered in the debris-littered streets whereas Sindh police and Rangers were carrying out the rescue operations. Firefighters were seen hosing down the aircraft remains while looking for other survivors.

The plane lost its contact with the air traffic control at about 14:30 of local time. An emergency has been declared by the Chief Minister of Sind in all the hospitals of Karachi. As for the exact cause of the crash, it is still undetermined. Arshad Malik, the Chief Executive of PIA told media that before the crash, the pilot of Airbus A320 told air traffic control that the plane was suffering from technical difficulties.

An audio recording of the crashed plane held between the pilot and air traffic control revealed that the plane lost 2 of its engines. After a few seconds of telling this, the pilot then calls out “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” and the communication was halted.

One of the passengers on the plane was Zafar Masud, the CEO of Bank Of Punjab has been confirmed to have survived this crash whereas another survivor is Muhammad Zubair.


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