Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s brother Donald Reed Herring Died Due to Coronavirus


Sen. Elizabeth Warren made the announcement that her elder brother named Donald Reed Herring died as a result of coronavirus on Tuesday.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's brother Donald Reed Herring Died Due to Coronavirus

Warren said in her tweet, “My oldest brother Don Reed has died due to coronavirus on the evening of Tuesday. He joined Air Force when he was 19 years old and spent his entire career in the military which includes his 5 and a half years serving off and on in combat. He was not only charming and funny but also a natural leader. The thing that made him really special was his crooked yet quick smile. This smile used to generate its own light and one that also lit everyone up around him.”

As per media sources, Herring died at the age of 86 after he was tested positive for COVID-19 3 weeks ago. Upon testing positive, he was then taken to the Norman Regional Hospital located in Norman, Oklahoma on 15th April. There he died after 6 days.

Senator Warren also expressed her gratitude towards the hospital nurses and their medical staff who helped her brother during his time there.

She said,

“Still, it is hard to be aware of the fact that he had no family or anyone near him who could hold his hand and say ‘I Love You’ to him one more time as well as no funeral for us who have loved him. I will miss you dearly my brother.”

Herring’s wife named Judith Anne Hart was not able to visit her husband in the last weeks. Warren stated that she talked with her brother every day before he got moved to a hospital. However, as his conditions started going worse, it got tougher to talk to him.

Donald Herring was the pilot for bomber aircraft like B-52 and B-47 and during his career; he flew for about 288 missions in the jungles of Vietnam. He retired from Air Force back in 1973 with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Afterward, he opened his own auto-detailing business.


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