Home World News Sushant Singh Rajput, at age 34, commits suicide at his Mumbai home

Sushant Singh Rajput, at age 34, commits suicide at his Mumbai home


Sushant Singh Rajput at age 34 was found earlier today at his Bandra, Mumbai house dead. The body of the actor, who played role of MS Dhoni in the biopic, has been taken for post-mortem at the Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. The cause of death is being investigated by the Bandra police with details underway.

The last call before Sushant’s death was made to Mahesh Shetty; the TV actor. He also called his sister at 9:30 AM in the morning.

As for the 2 mobile phone sand laptop of Sushant, they have been handed over to the forensic investigation team.

Statements from Sushant’s doctor and home owner have been taken by the police as well as his bank statements have been collected too.

Sushant Singh his current residence 6 months ago in Bandra, Mumbai with rent being 4.5 lacs per month. He lived there with his one cook, 2 house helps and an art designer.

Post mortem of the actor will be conducted at Cooper Hospital by a team of 3 doctors led by Dr. Harris Reddy. As per police and media reports, when the house helpers were not able to open the door of Sushant’s door, they called for his manager who brought a key maker. After the door was opened, they found actor hanging from the ceiling by a fan.

Police are investigating friends as well as the house help of actor and their statements have been recorded at the Mumbai house.

Uncle of the actor says that his nephew has been murdered and asked for a swift investigation into the matter.

After Sushant’s father came to know of his son’s death, he fainted at the spot. A huge crowd ahs gathered outside of actor’s home in Patna with whole family in shock and sadness.

Police did not found any sort of suicide note in Sushant’s house. Actor is survived by his 4 e3lder sisters and his father.

At the time of his death, actor spent some time earlier with his friends. After they could not get him to open his room’s door, they broke it open to found him hanging dead.

Sushant is from Bihar and used to live away from the family. In senior police officials who came to the scene of the suicide is Vinay Chaube; the Police Joint Commissioner.

Police was also able to obtain the medicines and medical prescriptions that the actor had been taking for the last 6 months.

The last Instagram post from Sushant was remembrance of his mother which reads as follows, “Blurred past evaporating from teardrops…Unending dreams carving an arc of smile…And a fleeting life,..negotiating between the two.”



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