Trump’s suggestion of ‘injection’ of a disinfectant for destroying coronavirus and to ‘clean’ the lungs alarms Doctors


Donald Trump suggests bizarre treatments for coronavirus

President Donald Trump made a suggestion that there might be a possibility of an injection of disinfectant to be a deterrent against the coronavirus in a person during his daily briefing.

Trump’s suggestion of 'injection' of a disinfectant for destroying coronavirus and to 'clean' the lungs alarms Doctors

Trump stated his remark after the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division named bill Ryan made a presentation of his research team. Bill Bryan’s research team comes to the conclusion that the virus does not survive long during the warm and humid temperatures. Bryan said, “The virus tends to die quickly in the direct sunlight.

After Bryan’s presentation, Trump takes the stage and says, “So we suppose that we have to hit the body with tremendous light which can be ultraviolet or any other but still powerful light. And I think you also said that this is still to be checked because of the tests. And then I said, supposing you can bring the light inside the human body, which can be done either via the skin or by any other way and I think you said that you are also going to test this as well.”

He then added, “I see that the disinfectant that can knock out the virus in 1 minute. Now is there a way where we can do something like injecting a disinfectant inside the body like a cleaning? You see, the virus gets into the human lungs and causes a lot of harm to the lungs. So it can be really interesting to check this.”

A pulmonologist at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and the professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco; John Balmes said, “The airway, as well as human lungs, are not created in a manner where they can be exposed to even the aerosol of a disinfectant. Even the low dilution of isopropyl alcohol or bleach is safe for them. This is a totally and insane and ridiculous concept.”

Another pulmonologist named Dr. Vin Gupta says, “The notion of either ingesting or injecting the body with any kind of cleansing product is a dangerous thing. This is a common method which people often utilize when they try to kill someone or themselves.”


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