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UK bears its worst day since lockdown as 953 people died due to Coronavirus


A total of 953 people died in the UK as a result of contracting coronavirus and taking the total death toll to nearly 8931 people.

Today’s death count was the biggest daily death increase since the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Yesterday the death toll was 881 and before that, on Wednesday it was about 938.

This news comes as the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who contracted coronavirus, has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the general ward of the St. Thomas Hospital.

55 years old Boris Johnson sent a thank you message to the staff of NHS for their brilliant service and care that they provided him with.

Tributes are being paid to all the health care workers of the UK with one including at the Muncaster Castle where the message stating “Happy Easter to NHS Heroes” has been cut into the grass.

UK has been in lockdown since 23rd March where people have been advised to stay indoors except in case of limited reasons. In violation of lockdown guidance, residents can suffer from a police fine.

Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary of the UK who is working in place of the PM, warned the public that it is still far from early for the ministers to lift the strict lockdown which was introduced last month.

He said at a press conference held at Downing Street, “after all of these sacrifices that so many people have made, let not ruin it all. We must not allow for coronavirus the second chance to kill more of our countrymen and hurt our country.”



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