US has its deadliest day amidst the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, becomes the first country with about 2,000 deaths in 1 day


Today the US became the first country across the globe to have recorded 2000+ deaths in 1 day due to coronavirus with the number of infections recording to about half a million and counting.

The exact number of coronavirus patients that died was 2028 Americans earlier on Friday which took the total death toll to be about 19000.

In light of these figures, the US is becoming the nation with the vast number of infected people with the number reaching exactly 505478 Americans after 33570 more confirmed positive for coronavirus.

In just a few days, US have surpassed the death toll of Spain which was 16081 which was the hardest affected country right after Italy.

As for across the globe, nearly 100000+ people have died due to coronavirus.

The epicenter of the US’s coronavirus outbreak is New York State and half of the patients died out of 19000 were from New York with about one third dying on Friday to be also from New York State. So far the death toll in New York is at devastating 7844 people whereas the number of cases in the State is about 170512.

This death toll on Friday was more than what the forecaster working at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation within the University of Washington made two days before Friday. As for the newer predictions, the total death toll in the US is projected to be about 61000 deaths by the month of August.

At the moment nearly 95 percent of the US is under some type of lockdown with US President Donald Trump calling for a measure of 30 days to slow down the spread of coronavirus.


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