Where is North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un? This is what is known so far


North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Countless rumors are swirling around on the internet about the health of Kim Jong Un; the supreme leader of North Korea. These rumors are mostly about the health of Kim Jong Un who as per media’s focus has been long since absent from the state media, pubic events, and official statements in the past few days in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un is the 3rd Generation succession leader of North Korea who came in power back in 2011 after his father died. Kim Jong Un has no successor of his own and at the moment, there is no clear news as to who would be leading this nuclear-armed country if Kim Jong Un is incapacitated.

There are speculations like that Kim Jong Un is currently in isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic or he might be suffering from some serious illness or an injury. There are still no credible reports about Kim Jong Un but the Hashtag #KIMJONGUNDEAD is trending widely on social media sites.

Kim, who is 36 years old, vanished from North Korea’s state media coverage back in 2014 once for one whole month. After that, he was shown once more on TV and his limp was visible.

Earlier this week, a special train of Kim Jong Un was spotted at the resort town in North Korea as per the satellite images. These satellite images have been reviewed by the North Korea Monitoring project named “38 North” based in Washington, DC.

As per the group’s report, the train was parked on Saturday at a certain “Leadership Station” which is reserved to be used only by the Kim family. This train was located back on April 21st and April 23rd.

Last time, Kim Jong Un was seen was back on April 11th when he presided in front of the state media over a national meeting. 4 days after that, on April 15th, the birth anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather and the founding father of North Korea; Kim Il Sung, Kim was absent.

Now there is also news that North Korea’s close ally, China has sent a team of medical experts to North Korea. As for President Donald Trump of the USA, he says that in his opinion that report is incorrect about Kim Jong Un being ill. South Korea also has downplayed the latest disappearance of Kim Jong Un as they say that they have not been detecting any special signs in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un

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