WWE said to Had Plans for organizing the All-Women’s Tournament


WWE, as per reports, had made plans for having an event this year titled “Queen of the Ring”.

There were even rumors about WWE for plans to hold a 2020 Mae Young Classic wrestling tournament but these rumors were proven to be incorrect. There were never plans for holding a 3rd MYC to be held this year. But, WWE still had their plans for holding a wrestling tournament titled “Queen of the Ring”.

As per sports news outlets, the idea of WWE was to hold the Queen of the Ring tournament sometime during this summer. However, these plans had to be put on alt following the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to holding the Queen of the Ring event this summer, the earlier plans were to hold this tournament back in 2019 but they never went through with it. the idea at that time was the this particular women’s tournament, including the roster of WWE female Superstars, would be the follow up event of the All-Women’s Evolution tournament that was held back in 2018.

Also the champions of the WWE Women’s Tag Team and SmackDown Women; Bayley made appearance last year in August on the KSFY Morning Show. It was when the King of the Ring event was held by WWE. Bayley at that time said that she along with other co-workers wished to have the Queen of the Ring event.

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Bayley said at the time, “When you are a wrestling fan just like me who has been watching this sport for many years, it was something that was taken away from us. It felt like “Dang”. That was amongst the coolest wrestling shows on TV. There is now so much pressure on all of these participants along with much history. Now the fact that they have brought this tournament back feels like a dream has become a reality; especially for lot of these guys. Now, we kinda want a tournament for us like Queen of the Ring. If you guys are able to make this a reality, I would really love that.”

As for now, there is currently no word from WWE for their plans on holding another one of these All-Women’s tournament until the COVID-19 outbreak subsides.


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