Home Technology You can use some iPhone 8 parts inside an iPhone SE

You can use some iPhone 8 parts inside an iPhone SE


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People often say that the iPhone SE is the recycled form of the iPhone 8 but the question is as to how many of their parts do these two iPhones have in common with each other.

You can use some iPhone 8 parts inside an iPhone SE

It is at the same time more & less than what one might think. iFixit tired to swap parts ahead of the customary teardown report which makes it clear that one can actually replace some parts of the iPhone 8 into an iPhone SE without any trouble.

The parts of the iPhone 8 such as Camera, the display assembly including its mic and the proximity sensor, SIM tray, and the Taptic Engine can all work in the new model.

This is if the user does not mind the fact that they might lose the True Tone color adjustments. But still, there are going to be few swaps that one needs to rule out and they are not the clear ones such as the processor.

Unlike the past, one will not be able to replace the button for Touch ID from the iPhone. Only the repair shops authorized by Apple can do this. Also, the battery cannot be replaced. Although the lithium-ion battery packs look quite similar, the iPhone SE makes use of a new type of connector.

Despite all these limitations, iFixit still views the 2nd generation iPhone SE as quite a bit of improvement in the series.  The majority of the iPhones do not come with any compatibility with the other iPhone models.

This will do the job for most of us if we are looking to use the phone working for as long as we can and do not mind opening it. One benefit might be that it could lead to speedier and much more affordable repairs from a technician if one is not comfortable with fixing their iPhone themselves.



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