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How To Find The Best Deals On Craigslist Pittsburgh

Craigslist is a popular online marketplace where people in Pittsburgh buy and sell used items, find housing and jobs, and more. With so many listings to browse through, how do you find the real bargains among them? Here are some tips and strategies for finding the best deals on Craigslist Pittsburgh.

Set Up Your Search With Keywords

When you first go to the Craigslist Pittsburgh page, you’ll see categories like For Sale, Housing, Jobs, Services, and more. Drill down into the specific category you want, like Furniture or Free Stuff, and use the search bar to input keywords related to the items you’re looking for. This will filter the results to only show relevant listings.

For example, if you’re looking for furniture, try keywords like “dresser,” “desk,” or “table.” If you want something free, use “free” or “free stuff.” The more specific your keywords, the increased likelihood of discovering that undiscovered gem.

Utilize Search Filters

Once you enter keywords, be sure to make use of the filters available on the left side of the search results page. You can filter by attributes like price, size, condition, and more.

Filtering by a low max price is a great way to find bargains. Setting a filter for “good” or better condition can help weed out items that need extensive repairs. Location filters can also be useful to find deals nearby.

Playing around with different filter combinations helps zone in on the types of Craigslist finds you’re after. The narrower the filters, the fewer (but more relevant) results you’ll get.

Check The Free Section Regularly

Some of the best deals on Craigslist Pittsburgh are under the “Free Stuff” category. People often give away useful items they no longer need. Since they’re not looking to make money, free stuff tends to get snatched up quickly.

Check this section frequently, especially right when new posts are made. You can find everything from furniture to electronics to building materials for free if you act fast. Even if an item needs minor repairs, free is a great price. Just arrange a quick pickup before someone else beats you to it.

Expand Your Search Area

Don’t limit yourself only to listings in Pittsburgh proper. Consider broadening your search within driving distance to metro areas like Greensburg, Johnstown, and Beaver Falls.

Including suburbs and surrounding towns exposes you to a larger pool of discounted items. Some sellers farther outside the city are willing to accept lower offers since they have fewer local buyers. You can score big on free delivery too if the location is within driving range.

Just pay attention to where items are located before reaching out. Only consider listings within a comfortable driving radius of Pittsburgh.

Negotiate Deals and “Haggle” on Pricing

Don’t be shy about negotiating prices on Craigslist. Many sellers expect buyers to bargain or make offers below the asking price. While some pricing is firm, you’d be surprised how often discounted prices are accepted.

Politely message sellers asking if they would consider lowering the price. Pointing out any flaws or defects in an item can justify why you’re making a lower offer. At the very least, it opens a conversation where a seller may make a counteroffer.

As long as negotiations are civil, “haggling” through Craigslist messages is completely acceptable. Just don’t go overboard with unrealistic lowball offers.

Search Around Major Holidays

Certain holidays are prime times to find Craiglist deals when people clear out old items. For example, right after Christmas is a great opportunity to get discounted furniture, electronics, and more that people receive as gifts.

Spring cleaning time after winter is also ideal for finding deals from sellers wanting to declutter. Move-out season in late spring brings lots of almost-new student furniture and housewares too.

Around big holidays, deals get posted fast so check Craigslist more frequently. Signing up for email alerts can help you stay on top of new listings during peak deal seasons as well.

Trust Your Instincts To Avoid Scams

While Craigslist has great deals, you also have to watch out for scams. If something seems fishy, too good to be true, or requests suspicious payment methods, steer clear. Never wire money or pay with gift cards to a seller you don’t know.

Meet in a safe public place to see the item, review it thoroughly before purchasing, and do not provide personal information. Legit sellers will understand taking precautions. Pay attention to details in communication as well – scams often have typos or strange verbiage.

Trust your gut. If a Craigslist deal raises any red flags, it’s better to pass on it rather than risk being conned.

Set Up Alerts For Immediate Notification

One of the best tips for finding deals on Craigslist Pittsburgh is to set up alerts so you’re notified immediately when new relevant listings are posted. You can sign up for email alerts by entering search terms and filters.

There is also a “Notify When New Ads Match This Search” option right on the results page that sends push notifications to your phone. This lets you see deals faster than constantly rechecking manually.

Enabling alerts for your ideal item parameters makes it effortless to spot and act on new bargains right away before competitors. Getting that instant ping can make all the difference in securing the best finds.

Be Thorough Inspecting Items Before Buying

When you’ve identified a potential Craigslist deal, carefully inspect the item in person before purchasing. Test electronics to ensure they power on and function properly. Check furniture and appliances for any damage or defects.

Bring a friend who can offer a second opinion if you’re uncertain about the item’s value. Don’t feel pressured to make an on-the-spot decision – ask if you can think about it or sleep on the purchase after seeing the item.

Thoroughly examining the condition and quality will help you determine if the asking price is justified. Don’t assume every Craigslist listing is automatically a great bargain or value.

Factor In Potential Repair Or Transport Costs

The price tag isn’t the only factor when identifying Craigslist deals. Also, consider how much repairs could cost if the item has wear or damage. Are replacement parts readily available? Make sure function isn’t compromised beyond what you can reasonably fix.

Also, factor in transportation – does the item require a truck or moving service for pickup? Avoid listings where hidden costs make an item less of a bargain than it first appears.

When You See A Deal, Be Prepared To Move Fast

Craigslist deals can disappear fast as other buyers jump on them. When you find an item that checks all the boxes, don’t delay in reaching out to the seller.

Be ready to contact them right away if the listing seems like an ideal find. Ask any clarifying questions promptly, set up a time to see it, and make an offer if interested.

Acting quickly improves your chances over other buyers who hesitate on genuine Craigslist bargains.

Trust Your Judgement When Evaluating Deals

Some Craigslist sellers are better at marketing or writing compelling ads than accurately pricing items. A listing may talk up features in glowing terms that don’t align with the value being offered.

Use your judgment when evaluating a potential bargain, not just how the seller hypes it up. Check sold prices for similar items on eBay as a point of comparison. Rely on your research and inspection, not dramatic ad claims.

Don’t get so swept up in excited deal descriptions that you overlook red flags or warning signs. Objective assessment is key to finding true Craigslist deals.

Persistence Pays Off in the Long Run

The very best Craigslist deals may not come along instantly. Finding hidden gems often requires diligently browsing day after day as new inventory continually gets posted.

Rather than expecting to score an incredible bargain on your first try, be patient knowing persistence over time pays off. Regularly check Craigslist using smart search tools and you will eventually land awesome deals.

Stay consistent in checking listings and responding to new inventory promptly. Letting go of the notion you’ll find a steal immediately reduces stress. Great deals do appear with a little time and persistence.

Move Fast Once You Spot a Good Deal

Craigslist’s open marketplace means competition from other buyers looking for bargains too. When you find a listing that seems underpriced or like a steal, act decisively and move fast.

Send any questions to the seller quickly, and arrange to see or pick up the item ASAP.

Be prepared to purchase on the spot rather than hemming and hawing. Beating out other interested buyers is critical for the best Craigslist deals. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when an incredible bargain disappears fast. Seizing deals swiftly is key.

Spread The Word To Friends and Family

One more great tactic for scoring Craigslist deals in Pittsburgh – tell friends and family about the types of items you’re hunting for. That way if they spot a good listing for you, they can send it your way immediately.

Leverage your social network by explaining the keywords and filters you have set up. Ask people to keep an eye out and forward any promising posts. Getting a heads-up from your contacts about deals gives you an advantage before listings get swallowed up. Teamwork can pay off.


Craigslist can be a treasure trove for finding incredible deals in Pittsburgh, but you have to use smart hunting strategies. By utilizing targeted searches, acting quickly on listings, negotiating prices, and leveraging your networks, you can uncover amazing bargains. With the right amount of patience and perseverance, you’ll eventually land awesome deals found on Craigslist Pittsburgh. Happy searching

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