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How to Choose the Right Dentist Chair for Your Practice

Choosing the right dentist chair is one of the most important decisions when setting up or upgrading your dental practice. The dentist chair you select can have a significant impact on your patients’ comfort, ergonomics, and efficiency, and the overall image of your practice. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to select the best dentist chair for your specific needs.

What to Look for in a Dentist Chair

When evaluating dentist chairs, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Adjustability – Look for a chair that offers adjustable height, backrest tilt, headrest, armrests, and lumbar support. This allows you to position each patient in an optimal way for every procedure and your comfort. Chairs with powered adjustments are the most convenient.
  • Ergonomics – Your dentist chair should promote proper posture and reduce strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Prioritize chairs with anatomically contoured cushions and lumbar support. Side-delivery chairs enhance ergonomics.
  • Patient Comfort – From padded upholstery to adjustable headrests, choose a chair that will keep patients relaxed through long appointments. Chairs that cradle the patient help reduce motion for increased comfort.
  • Durability – The dentist chair will need to withstand constant daily use. Examine construction quality and opt for sturdy components that will hold up over years of service. High-quality upholstery should resist staining.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Regular cleaning and disinfecting of the chair is a must. Look for seamless upholstery and smooth surfaces that won’t trap debris and fluids. Easily detachable headrests simplify cleaning.
  • Aesthetics – The style of the dentist’s chair sends a message about your practice. Select a chair that aligns with your office’s design and makes the desired impression on patients.
  • Budget – Dentist chairs span a wide range of costs. Focus first on quality, durability, and features, then find the chair that best fits your budget. Quality refurbished chairs can offer big savings.

Which Types of Dentist Chairs

There are several main types of dentist chairs to choose from:

  • Power Operated Chairs – Power chairs offer electric height, back, and tilt adjustments at the touch of a button. Programmable presets allow you to quickly position chairs for each procedure. Top brands include A-dec, Pelton & Crane, and Belmont.
  • Over-the-Patient Delivery Chairs – These chairs provide access to the patient’s mouth from above using articulating arms for tools and handpieces. They enhance ergonomics and are space-saving. Brands include A-dec and DentalEZ.
  • Side Delivery Chairs – With side-mounted delivery systems and adjustable ergonomic seats, these chairs allow you to work close to patients. Major brands include Midmark and DentalEZ.
  • Portable Chairs – Lightweight yet durable, these chairs fold up for transport to satellite offices and missions. Brands like A-dec and Everest offer portable options.
  • Economy Chairs – For new practices on tight budgets, economy chairs offer basic features and durability at lower price points. Leading budget chair brands are DentalEZ and Everest.

What Are Key Dentist Chair Features to Evaluate?

As you compare dentist chair options, keep these key features in mind:

  • Power adjustments – Convenient push-button adjustments for chair height, back tilt, leg rest, and more.
  • Articulating headrest – Offers adjustable positioning for patient comfort and accessibility.
  • Lumbar support – Provides added lower back support and healthy posture.
  • Upholstery – Durable, stain-resistant, and available in a range of stylish colors.
  • Cuspidor – Rotates for access and clears easily after procedures.
  • Doctor’s stool – Height adjustable with ergonomic back support for long days.
  • Easy maintenance – From stain-proof fabrics to detachable headrests for cleaning.
  • Warranty – Robust multi-year warranties on chair components provide protection.
  • Delivery systems – Convenient overhead or side-mounted trays to hold tools and handpieces.
  • Integrated controls – Foot pedal and/or seamlessly integrated consoles to control chair and tools.

What Key Are the Factors When Buying a Dentist Chair?

Keep the following factors in mind as you select the ideal dentist chair:

  • Specialty – Your chair needs may differ if you are an orthodontist, endodontist or oral surgeon rather than a general dentist.
  • Patient build – Standard or large chairs to accommodate all body sizes. Bariatric chairs are rated for 500+ lbs.
  • Budget – Weigh costs against features, but don’t sacrifice quality to save money.
  • Aesthetic – Choose neutral colors or vibrant colors to match your office decor.
  • Supplier reputation – Work with leading, reputable dental equipment suppliers.
  • Space requirements – Measure your space to ensure the chair will fit.
  • Delivery method – Determine if overhead or side-mounted delivery systems are preferable.
  • Existing equipment – Ensure the new chair will integrate with your systems.
  • Future needs – Select a chair that can accommodate future growth or specialty work.

5 Key Brands of Dentist Chairs

The top dentist chair manufacturers are A-dec, Pelton & Crane, Midmark, DentalEZ, and Belmont. Here’s an overview:

  1. A-dec – Founded in 1964, A-dec manufactures high-tech chairs renowned for innovation, durability, and aesthetics. Their chairs fully integrate with A-dec tools for seamless operation. Popular models include A-dec 300 and A-dec 500.
  2. Pelton & Crane – With origins in 1920, Pelton & Crane provides smart, sturdy chairs that promote ergonomics. Their chairs feature comfortable upholstery, programmable controls, and seamless delivery systems. Top models include Pelton & Crane Spirit and Solaris.
  3. Midmark – Trusted for high quality and reliability since 1915, Midmark offers a wide selection of chairs including economy models. Notable chairs include Midmark IQ Family and Ritter 244.
  4. DentalEZ – Providing robust chairs at lower price points, DentalEZ is a smart budget choice. Well-rated models include DentalEZ Star and Polaris.
  5. Belmont – Manufacturing quality economical chairs since 1968, Belmont chairs offer excellent value. The top affordable choices are Belmont B5 and Clesta.

Getting the Best Deal on a Dentist Chair

Here are tips for getting your ideal dentist chair at the best possible price:

  • Buy direct – Cut out the middleman and purchase directly from manufacturers to get the lowest prices.
  • Refurbished – Refurbished chairs by top brands offer major savings off retail pricing.
  • Repairs – Ask the manufacturer if they refurbish used chairs. Refurbished costs 50% less than new.
  • Negotiate – Don’t be afraid to make an offer and negotiate better pricing.
  • Discounts – Ask about any discounts for dental students, military, or new practices.
  • Financing – Many companies offer flexible financing options to meet equipment acquisition budgets.
  • Trade-ins – If you have an older chair to trade in, you may get an additional discount.
  • Bundles – You can often get 5-15% off for bundling the chair with other equipment.
  • Dental conventions – Look for special discounts on equipment at annual dental conventions.


Choosing the right dentist chair is a major decision that can improve your practice’s efficiency, ergonomics, and patient experience. Evaluate your needs and budget, then research chair features, reputable brands, costs, and financing options.

Investing in a quality chair that your team finds comfortable will provide long-term value. With wise selection, you can acquire the ideal dentist chair for your practice at the best possible price. The chair you choose makes an important statement about your office’s capabilities and commitment to quality patient care.


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